कामतः /
Masking stupor, soporifc fields crying for the grey and drenched.
protruding ties of unforgiving flair gasping fiending for the abyss that is you, murks so sultry and ripe round reaming with anger foaming with pride and never flattered by steaming caffeine in the p.m. like doll hairs of the worst heirs brothers sisters mothers fathers. only surpassed gently through the magic of elves can i fathom the ceremonial drapes bound upon attentive overgrown green eyes shaped as a rainbow never faltering always moving surrounded by teeming tiaras feeding fences on the faceless fixed for fire. I am aloof. pockets of fluffy sanity seaming soaring oh so slightly! heathen rotting overcoats raising gallows by your god down in a flurry of my god his god your god, the chalice and the blade admist spacecrafts floating fucking weaving America.